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We have also installed CCTV Systems for a lot of our clients.

Most systems are a 4 camara kit with a DVR with a 500 Gb/ 1 Tb hard drive. 

These sytems can be connected to various screens and seen on any device connected to the internet.

So you can keep an eye on your home, car, buissness or even your pet if desired, all this at any time that suits you.


Basic systems with 4 cams are approx 350€ this includes the cams, DVR, and the HDD. Installations cost vary basically depending on your home. 


Whatever your business or size of enquiry everyone gets the same personalised help to decide upon their requirements be it for a single lock for the front door or a hotel with hundreds of rooms. We will offer the best advice available backed by the recources of HIP who supplied the door locks and security for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

For all products we offer sale only or with a full instalation and commisioning service.


Software can be adapted by us for any situation after consultation with clients or their agents. With systems also suitable for Golf clubs, Student accomodation, Resorts, Clinics, Hospitals, etc. All systems can be mix and match with for example hotel smart cards being able to also control access to Car parking, Gym's,  Spa's, etc.



We offer a number of different styles and colours of room locks to compliment your period or decor. 

The standard ratio of  key cards to lock is 3 to 1 so you should never have a problem even if a guest forgets to return the key card which, incidentally would be of no use other than as a souvenir as the key is automatically cancelled at the checkout time.

Your computer system is normally setup on a floor by floor basis with each lock having its own unique identity.

The Key card issued at check in, is preset by a card programmer attached to the supplied management system to the specified room lock which recognises the check out time and therefore cancels access at the required time.

A full managment system is available which can be added to your existing computer system.

All doors can be opened at any time from the inside in compliance with fire regulations.


Offices & Commercial Premises

We have a number of different systems including for glass or sliding doors for the control of specific areas of your premises allowing access to certain people into certain areas. Where needed we can utilise both video and intercom connections for the vetting of persons or visitors such as an unmanned reception area before allowing access to the next area.

Both key card and biometric entry can be used also for time keeping with either a simple interconnection to your wages system or using a dedicated system supplied by us. 

Systems include Key Card, Facial Recognition, Finger Print or Pin Number or we have systems which combine the Pin Number combined with Card, Facial or Finger print.


Small Businesses and Homes

We are able to supply lock systems for all applications. One of the most popular being either a Finger print  or Pin number lock for the front door so that children do not need to have a front door key that they can either lose or that can get into the wrong hands. Of these the Finger print is the most secure as pin numbers can also be misused. 

The same sort of locks can be setup for use on garage, shed & workshop doors, in fact anywhere that you want to resrict access.

For Guest Houses, B&B's etc the Pin number locks are handy as you can give guests the pin but this can be very simply changed at any time so that people cannot return at a later date.

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