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Sky ESPAÑA up and running

So it seems that the online SKY platform is active and working in Spain.

You can get a free months trial if you sign up now, this feature might stay active in order to attract more clients and keep them coming, so to say.

After this trial there is a 10€ month subscription fee, and they have some great deals if you go for more than a month (see pic)......

Basically if you pay for a year upfront you pay the same as if you pay monthly...

And their price isn't exactly off the chart or really cheap to get into the market.

Having a quick look over the web, twitter and facecook we are not so sure that people are too keen on the new platform.

We have been working and installing the Sky Uk platform for over a decade in Spain and we were hoping they would bring much more of a blast to the game.

Of course, we have to bear in mind that they don't hold any rights for footie in Spain, this is one big setbacks and of course other platforms as Netflix and HBO have been here for a while and their names have been spread around.

Netflix seems to be this biggest in this area, but HBO has come with a bang, and is now well known too, mainly because of Game Of Thornes.

We will keep our eye on the Sky platform and wish them the best of luck.


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