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Irish Pub Lennox in FULL HD

Here is a post of Job we did last month.

Upgrading one of Barcelona most popular Irish Pubs – Lennox -thepub, situated in the heart of the city & 1 minute of the famous: Las Ramblas, from a Standard Definition to a High Definition (HD) setup.

Currently the bar had all 11 TV points, 3 of which are Projectors, setup with an A/V selector from when the bar initially opened.

As there are so many TV points and the option of using a High definition matrix was a bit to pricy, and as the alternative has the same output quality, we agreed with the client to use HD Modulators, to modulate the signal to all TVs and to TDT decoders for the Projectors, this way we can use standard coaxial cable to all tv’s (making it cheaper than using cat6 /cat7 or HDMI cables)

While we were at it, we changed the main projector and installed a new Optoma EH470, this is Full HD projector and makes the main watching area a whole lot better.

Picture quality has improved vastly on the main projector, and of course all the TV’s now have a HD picture and the clarity of this image for watching sports is top-notch.

You can find out more about the pub here:

Or pop in for a pint here:

Thanks for reading

The Europa Digital Team

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