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Installation of all types of routers, switches, access points, powerlines & wifi repeaters. in other words: a Telecommunications company. Telecom Spain.

All custom made to suit each clients needs.


All our services can be installed permenently or are also available to rent.


Please contact us for a quote. 


Another of our services is providing a fast internet connection via satellite; we have done many installs for those that cannot get a stable telephone line or need an ADSL connection where they are not available, and those to where a guaranteed connection is vital. UP TO 22Mb dowload !!!

This option gives you a UK IP Address. So you can access UKTV in Spain.


This works in a very similar way to Television via satellite. We install a dish with very powerful LNB that receives and sends signals via a specific satellite to a modem that connects to your PC.


Instillation costs vary but are around 300 / 350€.


How Satellite internet works
Tooway package price
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