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Sky HD Recordable box installed with 85 cm dish and up to 40mts cable.

550.00 €


Sky HD installed with 85cm dish and up to 20mts cable.

450.00 €


Generic Satellite Decoder install with 85cm dish and up to 20mts cable.

425.00 €


UK VPN Router with software to access a UK Internet connection.

105.00 €


UK VPN Subscription (Paid to VPN Supplier) 

£ 10 /month

UKTV in Spain via an IP decoder

200.00€ (price of decoder)





Sky viewing card for sky boxes costs € 225.00 per year plus whatever package

Subscription desired, to see packages go to

Initial charge for first year is 225.00 €


If customer supplies UK address.

120.00 €


Call out charge problems dish adjust etc. Includes ½ hr after that 20.00 per 1/2 hr.

60.00 €


85cm dish install and up to 20mts cable (customer has own box) & single LNB.

250.00 €


Extra cable price per meter (cable is marked of in meters) fitted including clips etc.  

1.50 €


Sky + or Sky HD remote.

40.00 €


Sky HD+

275.00 €


Sky HD

175.00 €


Boxes Only Prices:   Please contact us for more information, special deals & prices on many other services.




LNB´s are not warranted against Lightning, Boxes are not warranted against power surges.


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