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Vodafone Romania launches TV, strikes Netflix deal

Vodafone has entered the Romanian TV market and at the same time into a partnership with Netflix.

Business Review reports that as of today (Monday, October 3), the company is offering an application named 4GTV+ that gives access to TV content via smartphones. The content can be viewed up to 72 hours after it has been transmitted through the TV channels available on the app. Subscribers to 4GTV can also receive Netflix for a period of three months, through the Red19 tarriff, after which the service will be available from Vodafone and paid for at the same time as subscribers’ mobile bills.

Speaking at Webstock 2016 and quoted by Business Review, Ravinder Takkar, Vodafone CEO, said: “After almost a month of launching the supernet 4G+, we thought of bringing innovation. Romanians use more and more internet at home and they want to enjoy it from their smartphones. Romanians love smartphones and they love watching videos on them, 85% of the Romanian users of mobile watch at least one video per day, especially the young generation”.

Meanwhile, quoted by Hotnews, Chris Whiteley, VP business development, EMEA, Netflix, said: “Vodafone is a global partner of Netflix and we are pleases to today announce the expansion of this relationship in Romania”.

Meanwhile, last month Netflix introduced localised services in both Poland and Turkey, in each instance entering into partnerships with local mobile operators (T-Mobile and Vodafone respectively).

There is at this stage no indication that it will also introduce a localised service in Romania.

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