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Tooway quicky 😊

Last week we were contacted by a client with a Masia (Villa) in Sant Pere de Ribes, close to Sitges, that is rented weekly and can sleep up to 26 people.

They have a Tooway Satellite Internet setup in the house as there is no other decent way to get internet out in the sticks.

So it turns out something had gone bust and the they had no internet connection and the house had 22 clients currently staying at the property, so we got on our way and within 4 hours of receiving the call we were at the property and solving the problem,

Luckily it wasn’t a big issue, just a few connectors that had gotten wet, so we replaced what was needed and while we were at it, we fine adjusted the signal and get everything up and running for when the clients came back from spending the day on the beach in Sitges.

Thanks for reading

The Europa Digital Team

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