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Just keeping busy

Another quick update of the last project:

Setup of Satellite dishes & TDT

  1. Astra 28.2 with Twin Inverto Black LNB.

  2. Astra 19 & 23 on Duo LNB Quad from Canal Digitaal.

  3. Spanish TDT Terrestrial Antenna.

Setup on 5 coax Cables, 3 for the Dutch Canal Digitaal, 1 for the UK Sky and 1 split for UK Sky and the TDT.

All wired down to the rack in to its rightful decoders, then distributed to the 8 Bang & Olufsen TV’s & a projector in the cinema room via the Gefen 4K Ultra HD 8 X 9 Matrix, except the TDT that is split and amplified in the rack, and re-fed to the TV points

The Europa Digital Team

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