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Just another one of our latest jobs.


4 x Hik Vision IP CUBE Network Cameras connected on WiFi

1 x Hik Vision embedded NVR with a 1 Tb Western Digital Purple HDD.

1 x Access point with WPS and dualband

All connected to be able to keep an eye on a restaurant: watching the entrance, 2 dinning areas and the cash register (always important)

Hik Vision Embedded NVR & IR CUBE Network camera

Client can view: live and recorded images on his/her phone from wherever in the world, and also from a TV / Monitor that was setup in the kitchen, so the Chef can keep a close eye on what is happening in the dining area.

HIK Vision: Cube network; IP wireless camera

There’s nothing like keeping on top of your business, whether you are there or not.

And we are always glad to help and get it sorted for you.

The Europa Digital Team

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