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Sky Q new remote

TV Connect 2016: Sky, ruwido join forces on Sky Q remote

Designer device manufacturer ruwido has been commissioned to provide a touch remote for the new Sky Q pay-TV service.

Pay-TV giant Sky calls its new service its ‘biggest re-imagining’, opening up a whole new way of watching TV. It comprises a family of wirelessly connected products designed to create a new ecosystem that makes TV viewing seamless. It allows viewers to watch shows from a box, whether live, recorded or on-demand, either on a TV or another set or a connected device such as a tablet, and also to watch different programmers on up to five screens simultaneously while also recording four other channels. The service’s user interface is navigated using the Sky Q touch remote, developed in partnership with, and manufactured by, ruwido. The touch remote combines a button-based input, with a touch-sensitive pad for scrolling through the image-led user interface. Voice search functionality will also be added in the future. Based on enabled bi-directionality, a ruwido online TV and amplifier database can be integrated to allow future products to be included into the Sky Q environment. To always keep the user in control, an additional acoustic ‘find me’ feature of the remote control ensures that the input device can be located at any time within the context of the home. “We are exceptionally proud to be a part of Sky Q and to provide an input device that is a joy to own and to use,” said ruwido CEO Ferdinand Maier. “Our aim is to transform the way users interact with their television and how they feel about their viewing experience.”

Added Andrew Olson, Sky’s director of new products: “We chose to work with ruwido because they are passionate about combining leading edge technology and precise manufacturing in a way that could bring our design and aspiration to life for our customers ... We are delighted with the result.”

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