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La Liga improving / faking TV image

Campo Futbol / La Liga

Just as Spain’s football season is kicking off, La Liga has announced a new set of strict broadcasting rules for clubs and stadiums.

According to the Reglamento para la Retransmisión Televisiva, the football terraces which are in front of the TV cameras must have 75% occupation in every match otherwise clubs will face penalties. “Fans, both in Spain and around the world, are looking for spectacle and emotions, and we intend our product to have the best possible image,” said Javier Tebas, La Liga president. “In an ideal broadcast the stadium has to look at full capacity, which is why it’s so important to have guaranteed occupation of the terraces in front of the TV cameras,” says the organisation. Outside of El Clásico or other big La Liga games, the move could force football clubs to relocate fans in a bid to concentrate them in one area, while the rest of the stadium may remain empty in some games. La Liga will also place a game director at each match, who will be in full control of everything affecting the broadcast. In addition to controlling seat occupation, the director will check lighting, grass quality and colour, advertising around the stadium and football kits, among other things.

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