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Canal+ revamps distribution strategy

France’s Canal+ Group is entirely revamping its TV packages and widening its distribution channels through deals with Free and Orange. The Canalsat brand will be phased out.

The announcement comes after continuing declining subscription figures for the main Canal+ premium channels. The group is distributing third party thematic channels under the Canalsat umbrella, but this brand is now being phased out.

Subscribers will be able to pick and mix their own deals around the Canal+ channel, which will become the gateway to the all Canal offers. They will be able to choose Movies and Series Channels, Sports Channels and/or Canal+ Channels. Movies and Series subscribers will also enjoy the Canalplay streaming service bundled into their deals.

All these options will be available for the first time under either a fixed-period or “cancel anytime” basis. Launch of the new packaging is scheduled on November 15.

Customers can see the channels live or individual programmes on-demand, via the myCanal app, included in all Canal subscriptions. The app will soon also be available on Apple TV.

Canal+ Group will contact all its subscribers individually to inform them about these new choices and to offer them exclusive deals tailored to their preferences.

To attract younger audiences, Canal+ Group is also introducing a no-strings-attached premium package. This digital deal for PCs, tablets and smartphones is available across the full range of packages, live and on-demand.

These new Canal offers are available at a choice of rates ranging from €19.90 to €99.00 a month.

Canal is introducing this new choice at the same time as it is entering into strategic partnerships with Orange and Free to supply themed packages bundled into these operators’ triple-play deals.

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