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Champions League final in 4K on Spanish FTA

As Juventus and Real Madrid prepare to face each other in the Champions League final, Spain’s Atresmedia has announced that it will offer live 4K free-to-air (FTA) coverage both over-the-top (OTT) and through DTT.

For the first time ever, a media group will deliver a free-to-air live event in Ultra HD over the Internet. Through Antena 3’s website, the game will be broadcast in 4K for those users owning an Ultra HD screen and sufficient bandwidth to support the transmission. Thanks to an agreement with Cellnex, Antena 3 will also broadcast the Ultra HD game through the DTT network. The 4K programming will only be available in the urban areas of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. A special DTT channel will be created for the match, and Cellnex will deliver the 4K feeds from local broadcasting centres in Torrespaña (Madrid), Collserola (Barcelona) and Valencina (Seville). As UEFA is producing the live signal from Cardiff in Ultra HD, pay-TV providers have already announced that the game will also be available in 4K through beIN Sports. According to Atresmedia, the group will be adding ten 4K cameras to UEFA’s 22 cameras placed in the stadium. In addition, six 360° cameras will take viewers into the action

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