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Game of Thrones and the Spanish way of watching TV

So with the seventh season of Game of ….

Game of thones, winter is coming

It seems everyone has gone nuts, hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded via torrents within minutes of it being live, HBO definitely had a night to celebrate with over 10 Million people watching it as it came out, and another 6 million or so that same day.

By far it is now HBO´s most watched premiere in history.

Netherlands had trouble keeping a stable connection prior to the world premiere ( they pulled it off in the end though), Moscow had a live/private viewing on the Metro and Latin America was having outages.

Seems like a lot of fuss to me, I only hope fans had a good time and it was worth it.

Thanks to this and many other great series and documentaries it turns out that now half of millennials in Spain (with internet access) now watch online or OTT.

HBO and Netflix being the main figures in this will be over the moon and cashing in, it’s very understandable that it´s so popular and hits highs so fast in Spain, the FTA Spanish TV has a very limited viewing content (on repeat again) and advertising is very very constant and looooooong, and nothing good ever starts before 21:30 or finishes before midnight.

Movistar TV is doing it´s best to keep up to date and make things a bit more modern, but they seem no match for the other two, and we must bare in mind, that most people only have the movistar TV because its more or less included in the fibre connection, as part of a bundle for internet, landline, mobile & TV.

As always were some fade away some come into the light.


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