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BT ahead of the game, receives Emmy Award

UK incumbent telco BT has won an Emmy Award for the way it connects television companies to distribute live footage.

The award, in the category of ‘Pioneering and Productisation of Supporting Digital Video using SDI over Fibre-Optic’, recognizes the company for its original Facilityline product which connects TV companies to the iconic BT Tower in London for live television distribution. BT’s global media & broadcast division touches every part of the global television supply chain, linking the processes with facilities handling up to 16,000 hours of content per day through the tower with the business distributing domestic and international TV for many global brands and channels. The business division has underpinned the global television industry for more than 60 years, dating back to the first international TV broadcasts when what is now BT was the state-owned GPO. It now helps around 600 customers distribute and broadcast content around the globe. The division recently successfully provided the UK’s first uncompressed video contribution network connecting all 20 Premier League football stadiums in a three-year deal with the League’s international broadcasting outlet, Premier League Productions (PLP). Commenting on the receipt of the Emmy Award, Mark Wilson-Dunn, vice president of BT Media & Broadcast, said: “This is a top-tier media industry award and to be recognized in this way is a fantastic endorsement of our track record of leading the industry, and also a great way to frame the world-leading innovation which we are still bringing to the industry today. It’s also a fitting tribute to the original team – some of whom are sadly no longer with us - who conceptualized, launched and continued to innovate and develop the service over the last two decades. I’d also like to thank everyone who has made the product a great success in the marketplace. The award reflects the spirit and passion which comes with the TV industry and is reflected right across the BT team.”

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